YOORS? Who or what is YOORS?

About Us



‘YOORS bikes’, the brainchild of two passionate entrepreneurs, Pascal and Christophe, is a new brand of e-bikes. With a combined experience of more than 40 years’ in the world of cycling under their belt, they decided to join forces to set a new trend in the bicycle industry. Are you up for it? 

And of course, a new brand needs a new name. A name that reflects what we stand for. We believe that your bike should also really be your bike, one that’s exactly as you want it. That’s what YOORS means. In English that is, and spelt slightly differently. But 100 % yours!  


The bicycle industry is one of those sectors where little or nothing has changed for decades. The manufacturer produces the bikes, the distributor distributes them across the various countries, the bike shop is the regional outlet and the consumer ultimately ends up using the bike.  

There are better ways. Especially in 2019, where digitalisation is nothing new anymore. And yet, the bicycle industry seems happy to stay back of the pack. The online sale of bikes hasn’t quite caught on yet. On the one hand, because manufacturers want to keep their sales outlets in business and on the other hand because those very sales outlets simply don’t have the time to focus on online sales. Precisely on that account, buying your bike online can prove to be more hassle than it’s worth. We believe that buying your bike online should be child’s play rather than an undertaking.


YOORS wants to meet the demand of cyclists looking for an affordable, yet top-quality bike. The result is a trendy YOORS e-bike composed of nothing other than premium parts, in a stylish design that doesn’t compromise on comfort or everyday user-friendliness. 


The development of the YOORS bicycle started with a blank sheet and a strong vision. Both the YOORS design and concept were worked out in minute detail: design, frame specifications, the parts we would use… each detail was painstakingly scrutinised to ensure that we would supply you with an end product of the highest quality.  

Our YOORS bicycle comes with the latest innovations that are both reliable and affordable: a powerful in-tube Shimano battery which has been incorporated into the frame, the new high-performance Shimano STEPS 6100 centre motor and high-end hydraulic Shimano disc brakes. 

The design of the YOORS bicycle strikes the perfect balance between class and comfort. The bikes are supplied with excellent lights, mudguards - kinda handy in a county like Belgium - a sturdy rack and an adjustable handlebar stem as standard.

Fancy hitting the road? In the menu, click “shop” and check out the result or call into your local YOORS dealer for a test ride.