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  • Modern design and ultimate comfort
  • High-end parts
  • Latest Shimano Steps E6100 motor
  • Tremendous range
  • Easy to operate
  • Stopping power


  • A practical e-bike in a stylish and timeless design, a real eye-catcher!
  • Our Yoors e-bike was designed with an eye for detail
  • Perfect for daily use
  • The Shimano Steps E6100 motor is the most versatile, latest technology system
  • More powerful, more economical (185 km range), lighter and quieter!
  • Our YOORS bicycle is fitted with the most powerful SHIMANO li-ion battery which has a capacity of 504Wh.
  • The combination of the Shimano E6100 system and the Shimano 504 Wh battery means that our YOORS bicycle can cover the following distances: 
    • HIGH support mode: 93 km | Normal support mode: 130 km |Eco support mode: 185 km
  • Shimano guarantees a residual battery capacity of 60 % after 1000 charging cycles. 
  • The battery is stylishly hidden in the frame
  • You can choose what data are displayed on the screen and how they are displayed. Your YOORS bicycle comes with the Shimano display as standard (option 1). All in all, you have 4 options to choose from:
    • Option 1: Sleek, easy-to-read display on your handlebar that shows you your speed, distance, cycling time, the time, gear, estimated range and battery charge.
    • Option 2: Use the app on your smartphone (via ANT or Bluetooth) for a personalized experience. To do so, you need to establish a wireless connection with the junction box. 
    • Option 3: Use a Garmin or SIGMA display. To do so, you need to establish a wireless connection with the junction box.
    • Option 4: Use your junction box only. A red or green light will give you the capacity of the battery and the support mode so that you can keep your eyes firmly on the road.
  • Equiped with powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Fitted with puncture proof all weather tires

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