Start presales!

Posted on 14 Oct 2019

Our 2020 launch stock of YOORS bikes is about to go into production (yes!).  This means that customers who order a bike today, order their bike “in advance” or “reserve” their bike.  

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t be launching our bike sales if we knew in advance that you’d be waiting months for your purchase...  we’re talking a waiting period of maximum 8 weeks.  So, if you’re sure that you want to receive your YOORS bike ASAP, you can BUY / RESERVE your dream bike now so that, come the month of December 2019 or January 2020, you’ll be able to show off your top bike!  

Don’t believe our promise to have your bike with you in December or January?  Feel free to cancel your order and we’ll refund you the full amount! Getting customers to place an order and pay for it under the guise of empty delivery promises?  ...  We want no part of that... our word is our bond!

PS: make sure to enter the promo code freebikebag or freebackpack while you’re shopping!  We’d like to give our first customers a little treat for the trust they placed in us!