Electric scooter

Electric scooter

Model: STEP01

€ 699

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Looking for a solution to easily and quickly cover short distances?  In that case, our e-scooter is just the ticket!

Our YOORS scooter will take you that ‘final kilometre’...  Aside from its trendy look, this beauty is a veritable powerhouse if you’re looking for performance.

Our powerful Li-ion battery (360Wh LG battery cells) in combination with the 350W-strong motor will effortlessly allow you to reach a speed of 25 km/h and travel distances of up to 45 km.  Yes, you’ve read correctly... distances of up to FORTY-FIVE kilometres!

As the battery is a cinch to click in and out you can quickly and easily charge the battery anywhere while your favourite scooter is safely immobilised in the garage or car park.... Weighing in at a mere 17 kg, the scooter is also easy to carry to any socket or charging point.  

Going forward, a removable battery is the way to go:  

  • Fancy a greater range?  Simply buy an extra battery to extend your range up to 90 km!
  • Does your battery need replacing after x number of years?  Simply replace your battery with a new one and your old scooter will be as good as new again.  The perfect solution if you don’t want to discard an otherwise perfectly good scooter!

Needless to say, we also designed our e-scooter with comfort and safety in mind:

  • The scooter is fitted with larger, 10-inch tyres  for a cushioning effect, because the tinier the wheels  the rougher the ride and the more sensitive and dangerous when it comes to negotiating minor obstacles (pebbles, etc...).  Your YOORS scooter will effortless take you across gravel or unhardened surfaces!
  • In addition, the scooter comes with 3 complete brake systems, eABS for one, active front and rear lights and can be programmed to travel at 3 maximum speeds (10, 15 or 25 km/h), giving you the peace of mind that the scooter can be used safely, irrespective of its rider’s level of experience: beginner, medium or pro.

    A clever feature so that everyone can get from A to B with the YOORS e-scooter, regardless of age or experience!


Max range
Maximum speed
Brushless 350W
Battery capacity
36v x 10ah (Li-Ion)
Disc brake + electronic ABS brake + mechanical brake
Max load
Tire size
10 inch
Rear light
Active braking light
Folding time
3 seconds
Water resistance
Splash proof IP54
Charging time
5-6 hours
Climbing angle
15 degrees
Display screen
Unfolded dimensions
1083mm x 420mm x 1186mm
Folded dimensions
1083mm x 420mm x 460mm
Net weight