Would you like to lease your YOORS E-bike? You can do that very easily!

YOORS E-bikes cooperates with the following leasing partners

Topvélo : Private E-Bike leasing

Topvélo is located in Ruisbroek and can also offer you private E-Bike leasing. With E-bike leasing you are, after 24 months and after paying the remaining amount, the owner of your bike. How does the E-Bike leasing work? After signing the lease contract, you pay an advance of 10%. Each month for 24 months, a fixed amount will be paid by direct debit from your account. After the term of the contract, you have the choice whether you buy the bike for the remaining amount or you return the bike.

LEASE A BIKE : Bicycle leasing for employees and companies

LEASE A BIKE is already active today in various countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and now also in Belgium. They offer a totally integrated platform through which the strengths of the employer, the employee and the dealer can be combined. Because of their digital and dynamic way of working, they strive to get the employee on the bike within 1 week. They also offer all-risk insurances and various service packages, so that the employee will be completely taken care of. Have a look at their online calculator: www.lease-a-bike.be.

Cyclis: Bicycle Leasing for business

Since 2014 Cyclis based in Beringen is active in the bicycle leasing market for companies. They work closely together with local bicycle dealers for the delivery and maintenance of the bicycles during the lease period. Cyclis wants to relieve both the employer and the employee of their worries. Cyclis offers all-in leasing, where they are first point of contact for the (potential) cyclists and support them throughout the process. A direct and personal communication to the cyclist is key to them.
+32 11 730 115(tijdens kantooruren 8u00-12u30 en 13u00-17u00)
+32 800 11 183(buiten kantooruren)

o2o: Bicycle leasing for employees and companies

o2o is a dynamic leasing partner based in Ghent. They take care of a carefree administrative processing of the lease formula for both the companies and the employees. o2o takes care of the financing, the insurance and the breakdown service associated with the bicycles. For the delivery of the bicycle and the maintenance, the employees have a free choice to order the bicycle from their self-chosen bicycle dealer.

Chain Reaction: Bicycle lease and service

Chain Reaction is located in the beautiful Zutendaal. Thanks to bicycle lease you can do your commute with a top bike and enjoy the relaxed rides during the weekend. Chain Reaction provides companies and employees with the necessary professional advice; various leasing formulas, explanation of tax aspects, bicycle policy, subsidies, insurances, ... You pass on your exclusive YOORS dealer to Chain Reaction and they will contact the dealer of your choice.